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[In pencil - 1879]

Pendell, July 3rd

My dear old Friend

I have your letters of the 23rd of April mentioning the arrival of the plants sent out by the Chimborazo & the condition & giving your suggestions as to the better packing of plants of that description in future, of which Green has taken a note.  Also that of May the 4th reporting the blessed downfall of rain, that it has been raining so incessantly for 8 months that its continued presence is reported no [indecipherable] of a cause, also note of May the 4th & 10th the latter enclosing the B. of Lading for the two cases [indecipherable[ Chimborazo of the [indecipherable] of which I have not yet heard.  I do trust that the Platycerums with [indecipherable] as you do state them may come in good condition.  All the other plants you have been good enough to send will be most welcome.  All now here except Dend. [indecipherable]

The Honble.
Sir William Macarthur, M.L.C.

[In left margin]

I [indecipherable] a blossom of yr. Dend. [indecipherable].  I am disappointed with it.  It is not so good as Bigibbum.  It may be a bad variety [indecipherable].

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