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35, Hyde Park Gardens, W.
Oct. 26th 1865

My dear Wm. Macarthur

A thousand thanks for your long & interesting letter of August.  I may add especial thanks for the candid way in which you gave your own impressions of poor Arthur Bestows true condition.  I will own to you, that though Robert's reports have from time to time [indecipherable] me up, I have [indecipherable] his relapse on the [indecipherable] felt very anxious about him, but what avails my saying anything on the subject before you receive this, he must have manifested improvement more or less masked or have suffered from another relapse.  Should such an [indecipherable] of things have observed, we shall have this melancholy satisfaction at any rate.  The [indecipherable] that anything that human [indecipherable]

Sir William Macarthur

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