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5 Leamon Place
London, Aug. 26th

My dear Friend

We have all ben in great distress lately.  What pleased God to remove from among us my dear Sister Kennethina[?].  Her illness tho of a nature to make it very uneasy for seven weeks past did not excite any immediate alarm

Sir William Macarthur

[Crosshatch writing]

& [indecipherable] to believe that we shall all [indecipherable] upon men in this world, but it is hard to be left by friends among our acquaintance, but I ought not to speak in this way for really I have been singularly fortunate in the matter of friends, here as well as in the Colony, but here these are our friends like old friends.

In the case of Plants that go out on the Duncan Dunbar for my Brother there are some vines & figs among the latter the "Wild Fig" for you.

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