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of more manly stuff.  You will see that nearly the whole of Europe is suffering from continued Flooding from continued flooding from unseasonally heavy rains.  Can it be that we are getting the moisture that you should have in addition to our own [indecipherable].  The strange thing however is that your droughts should be so partial a [indecipherable] Australian drought would be a gross misfortune indeed, but as yet this rain seems to have [indecipherable].

I have put off as long as I could touching upon other disagreeables, but I feel that I must take the plunge.  Your case for Kew arrived in the same bad condition that those for Linden & Veitch did, and as I very much regret to learn that sent by Green to you exhibited.  In all these cases I have no doubt the mischief has been occasioned by the Mates being allowed to put the Boxes anywhere out of the way.  Unless some passenger will undertake to look after plant cases, they are seen to be voted a nuisance by Captain & Mates, & thrown aside in corners, where the contents must lead to destruction.

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