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The truth is, his [indecipherable] must, if [indecipherable] if he has acknowledged to ourselves have relieved all his relations from the load of [indecipherable] and [indecipherable].  After [indecipherable] , it was [indecipherable] both with him poor fellow.  He sleeps well.  I cannot tell you how deeply indebted I am to you for speaking so decidedly on the subject of the mode of death in your letter.  It [indecipherable] a load of a [indecipherable] from the Sisters, whom between [indecipherable] ambiguous expressions had left still in painful doubt.

Green has been busy today packing your last envoi - for this boat! - of Orchids.  They are as good looking & promising a lot as ever I saw, and as they go in a large Wardian case & have been in a state of preparation for the voyage for some months, they have a good chance

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