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Jny 16th

Pendell Court

My dear old Friend

You will have learned long ago from previous letters that I had changed my intention as to [indecipherable] wandering, but you wd. I [indecipherable] calculate [indecipherable] from letters of [indecipherable] finding me still in England.  Yet it did [indecipherable] from one cause or another I have not been able "to make tracks for South or West and am still shivering in this most beastly of all beastly cllmates.  Did I ever tell you of an experience that [indecipherable].  Lady Macarthur's mother [indecipherable] to me some [indecipherable] English wintry weather.  I was taking her down to her carriage in a storm of sleet with a cruel [indecipherable] wind blowing & as I put her in said dreadful weather Mrs. [indecipherable] is it not.   [indecipherable]

[In left margin]

at length Mrs. Forster to send me things.  Keep him [indecipherable] up to his promise and now good bye frm. yr. most affy,

Geo: Macleay

[indecipherable] has been very ill, with Gout, but is getting all right again I hope.

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