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on the walls of my Fernery, where they are very effective.  I grow all my Begonias there too.  The walls are nearly 18 feet high, with thick galvanized wire facing, & peat & moss stuck in between to the depth of of 4 inches bulging out [indecipherable] feet to represent the natural production of [indecipherable].  Plants of various kinds grow admirably in such a site.  The rain, it raineth every day, & for the matter of that, [indecipherable] too.  The effect on the growth of shrubs & herbaceous plants is wonderful, as well as on the foliage of the trees, but the flowers I mean the blossoms are beaten & washed out, & [indecipherable] seem to last more than a day.  The Rhododendrons & Azaleas were very fine but washed out in a week.  We are now in the first week of July, [indecipherable]

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