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lot had but one eye, like the Calendar in the An. [Arabian ?] Nights.  [indecipherable] I saw what for black fellow put him out [indecipherable].  What for bail treated a light along of eye?  Grabbelly fellow massa.  Grabbelly fella was the [indecipherable].  The poor fellows had had the gravelly blight, and so have my poor sufferers here, tho not exactly in the eye.  With me it is a soupçon [indecipherable] than a reality, but the pain I have suffered in the lumber regions being more marked than in ordinary cases of lumbago, it has been supposed that [indecipherable] may have something to do with it, but here am I laughing at my own misfortunes & those of my fellow invalids when in truth I am in anything but a laughing [indecipherable].  The mail steamer for April broke down en route, & all letters no letters.  I need not say that we are in intense anxiety about poor dear Arthur Onslow on whose future as you know we had set our hearts.  I despair about him one moment & then hope arises again in spite of commonsense.  My wife still clings to hope & not having the heart to argue with him, her expressions of hope take more or less hold of me.  Again in a telegram I saw in the Times I got this morning, it is [indecipherable] that "there have dreadful gales & floods


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