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So far as people at least [indecipherable] be importable on the Atlantic in Winter, but in five days we shall be in the Mediterranean & in what comparatively may be called smooth water.  On the 13th or 14th day we shall be landed at Ismailia, one days journey from Port Said from where there is a railway to Cairo.  There I propose to live in [indecipherable] me to [indecipherable] them back to Alexandria from thence to Jaffa & [indecipherable] from Jaffa again to Beyrout & from Beyrout to Damascus from whence I daresay by the French [indecipherable] shall be able to visit Cyprus, Crete & Athens & so by Italy home again by the end of May.

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I have added some thousands of [indecipherable].  I am in fact still carrying out the [indecipherable]

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