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[In pencil - 1880?]

June 9th

Pendell Court,

My dear old Friend

I am in receipt of yours of the 14th of April enclosing a cheque for £120 & also a list of desiderated Orchids of which hereafter.  I have been quite shocked by the reports of deaths & sickness & many my friends in the Colony [indecipherable[ at the paucity of [indecipherable] & sympathy of [indecipherable] a character to Australia for healthiness in earlier times or is this an abnormal year?  To me it seems to [indecipherable] less healthy each year with the [indecipherable] of population.  Have the [indecipherable] habits of cleanliness introduced by modern instigation & delivery

The Honble
Sir William Macarthur, M.L.C.

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Ready for review