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of another  apportioning occurring that I shall be glad of two more large Doryanthes.  The former two looked well [indecipherable] & these died, possibly owing to them getting too much water.  I shall be glad to try grass trees & [indecipherable] packed in dry sand.  I have been going in for terrestrial orchids.  Could you send me a supply of Australians, packed in a box of dry sand also, taken up when going out of blossom.  I should like [indecipherable] of masses of Dendm. [Dendrobium] specimens & [indecipherable] as well as [indecipherable].  I have by the way only one plant of Gleichenia alin, G. Speluncae, I believe.

I have given your list to Green with directions to keep it by him until we hear from you again, as many of the orchids you have put down therein were likely sent to you & you may not therefore wish for them again.

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