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plants in a previous consignment which list you were anxious for the [indecipherable] to you by this vessel [indecipherable] the Peat.  Peat you will see from his ac. is cheap enough about £5 for 4 Tons & a half, but it is expensive in the matter of things & was a [indecipherable] deal in weight by drying.  He has sent you two Boxes, & has fortunately paid freight of same.  Thus I having part of your £10 unnecessarily you will get 2 more boxes & the amount he sends will show that the Peat itself forms, if I mistaken not, but a fourth part of the whole expenditure.  I went over the account with him & did not see how it could have been reduced, his own personal expenses were not heavy at all considering how much he had to move about in connection with the shipment etc.   You

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