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has improved wonderfully.  It has [indecipherable] as for 2/ [indecipherable] in Bond as against 11d last year, and in [indecipherable] is very good.  We shall have a Dividend of 5 per cent I think.

Do not my dear Fellow! for one moment [indecipherable] yourself out about anything I may ask you for in the way of plants.  [indecipherable] know that I have been all my life heavily in your debt on account of plants, as well as on account of many other things.  When you can send me anything without trouble do, but please, never put pressure on your people to trouble for my needs.  green has been here all day.  He is to write to you July as to what he has done & so I need not tell you what he has

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and now good legs.  My dear old friend I must tell Hooker what you say.  

[indecipherable] most affy yrs.

Geo: Macleay

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