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[indecipherable] trucking the Tea.  The [indecipherable] had been shamefully neglected by the Calcutta Agents of the Darjeeling Co.  I can assure you that it has not been for the want of my making a row about it.  I send you my two last communications from them the ]indecipherable] people, & can but hope that by this time, it has been sent on to you.  You lost nothing by waiting until the new seasons tea came in, but after that no time should have been lost.

A thousand thanks for all you [indecipherable] in doing for me in the matter of the Fern Trees &c.  I shall be very glad to get the [indecipherable] you mention.  May I add a supplementary list.  It is I believe the one sent you what I was [indecipherable] to mention to you & so I won't.  Today [indecipherable] is to sell plants of Dend. [indecipherable], D. Johannis, D. Superbiens & D. Bigibbum.  Green was to attend

[Cross-hatched writing]

[indecipherable] having taken in about 5 more acres of ground [indecipherable] must stop there.  We have had a wonderful Autumn, no frosts yet to speak of & a great deal of rain.  As I before wrote there will be no war, [indecipherable] which wd. & has [indecipherable] Gladstone  is blowing off as he becomes aware that the World is becoming [indecipherable] in the [indecipherable] absolute inability but only this [indecipherable] but in the matter of preparation in the matter of [indecipherable] at war [indecipherable] of transport, to take [indecipherable] but disgraceful - how unworthy of [indecipherable].  Englishmen [indecipherable] men has [indecipherable] the endeavours of Gladstone & the least [indecipherable] of the radical party to hamper & neutralise Ld. Salisburys labour.

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