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almost as much disgust & hassle in Paris.  How glad we should have been to have deserted [indecipherable] but it is not to be so I will say no more on the subject.  We have but just returned to London for a few days [indecipherable] there, where we had gone to visit one friend Peter at his new shootings when [indecipherable] of the Chisholm's Country.  Anything more momentous & [indecipherable] than the [indecipherable] cannot be conceived while [indecipherable] of all kinds [indecipherable] to food costs is most abundant, but the climate we found unbearable, at least my poor wife did, so I had to run away with her to the South after only one day shooting.  She is now confined to the house now with Bronchitis.  She took to fishing, caught two Salmon but alas caught this frightful cough too.

Thanks for what you told me of Arthur [indecipherable].  I cannot help thinking that if he would but take care of himself he might yet be a strong man, but he will not take care of himself apparently, so what can one do but express their [indecipherable].  He has cost the poor fellow many anxious thoughts.

I do not know how to express my gratitude for the long continued kindness & [indecipherable] to me by all at Camden Park so shall end [indecipherable]  May God bless you all.  [indecipherable] to all for [indecipherable.

[indecipherable] friend,

Geo:  Macleay

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