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had to succumb, but I cannot write more on this most humiliating subject.  You will see by the papers the conditions we have been placed by one foolishly writing to the pledged honour of the Tzar and [indecipherable].  It appears to me that there must be war, for the Russians unless they are playing a game of being intoxicated by the success of [indecipherable] an enemy only a [indecipherable] of them as to numbers, seen trying hard to [indecipherable] it.  I shall be glad of it, anything [indecipherable] will be is both them eating the seeds they are [indecipherable] down one throat.  The behaviour of the Gladstone & his Opposition has been all but traitorous.  That miscreant G. is said to be in a state of excitement bordering on madness.  The family at home keep a very close watch upon him, while a detective follows him [indecipherable] when out of doors for fear of his committing suicide.  I cannot but wish that he wd. destroy himself as the law cannot reach him.  A very most dangerous man would be out of the way and he would show us the act that he had a conscience

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