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all of which ought to blossom within a few months of their arrival.  I have told you that they have been bought at Stevens sale, by far the cheapest & [indecipherable] but worth I believe of [indecipherable] these plants.  Dalgety's Firm who have been shipping largely in this vessel, now christened for Sydney have shut orders for the [indecipherable] of the rate in the Tween Decks, so I have good hopes of this "envoi" reaching you in as good a condition as can possibly be expected.  I have written to you by the St. Osyth & my6 letter will be found to enclose a list of the Orchids sent with their prices and the Bill of Lading.  The duplicate of this part I have [indecipherable] Dalgety & to be forwarded by this mail.  There are about as 

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