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[indecipherable] when I shall hear what he has to say on the subject, as well as on several others.  I will note down of course all that interests you.  I have already given Green a hint that he is not to talk of you or of Camden at all.

Thank you so much for all your [indecipherable].  Among my most interesting things are present from Camden, noble Tree Ferns, Gleichenias, Narataks [?] doing very well, Doryanthus, [indecipherable], Dipodium, Dend. Sumneri, Aemulum, Specioaum, etc. etc. etc., but I shall be very glad to get more & look forward with much pleasure to what you promise.  Could you by the way send me a case stuffed with the moss covering, peeled off the rocks at [indecipherable].  All the last consignment of deciduous things peaches, elms, Lagerstroemia etc. are alive & presume to do well.  What became of your Diospryii or Persimmons from China.  Did they live & bear out their presumed excellence.  Moon has persimmons

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