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and when I [indecipherable] to spend at home or so my day in dreaming, sometimes praying in its most glorious Cathedral, in the most perfect & superficial Spaniard the [indecipherable] in the world, the more worthy Temple of God I was going to say, is alone worth [indecipherable] the journey to see, but Selville is altogether tho I do not think it healthy, is the most next to [indecipherable] plan in the world.  It is all marble and its thousand palaces with their exquisite mosaic Patios with fountains playing within center are the most perfect residences in the world, all my dear phow! how I sighed for the days of my youth, when in this city of romance and delicious wickedness, nore was there such a place to work out one's damnation, unless irresistible temptation be admitted in excuse, one's soul is not worth a weeks [indecipherable] Don Juan.  These (Tenorios) of wh. family he was, are still extant (as but a type of the Sevillainos of the present day, and few even in Seville would be deterred in following in his footsteps by the prospect of undergoing the same fate.  I was saved by my half century of years, but physically commit I am afraid that S. Don Juanized mentality to a deplorable extent.  The women looking the very incarnation of [indecipherable] propriety and as lovely as [indecipherable] are in truth the most deliciously [indecipherable] creations in the world.  In Seville and [indecipherable] say the Spaniards know this seductive place.  We went to Cadiz, entering at [indecipherable] by the way, from Cadiz to Gibraltar by the way to show you what Cadiz is really worthy of its place was reputation.  My wife used to have a bouquet thrown into her room every morning tied up with gold lace.  We saw enough of the [indecipherable] before to see that it was a military man but never caught a full view of him, and I was one day beckoned into a large palatial residence with a magnificent coat of arms over the door, by a very attractive lady, not very young certainly, about 30 I should think.  Now I am a coward not to say squab and very unromantic too being gentleman of 50, and my dear good wife is not very much [indecipherable].  From Gibraltar I went over to Centa and [indecipherable] to the Spanish Camp, by myself of course.


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