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I am particularly sorry about Green's lot of Orchids.  They were for the most part such fine masses, had cost so much trouble to get & so very much to prepare & pack, that it is disheartening to the last degree to him of such a fate.  I expected a triumph & hear of a catastrophe.  I have had two Boxes from [indecipherable] within the last two or three months in very fine condition, that is, nearly all are alive & likely to live.  When sufficiently [indecipherable] I shall send you a collection of them, some 6 or 7 Genera & about 25 species.  There are some tropical Ferns too.

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I have just recd. some seeds from Cape Coast.  I send on a portion of each to you.  But very few are indigenous I fear.

With very good & affectionate wishfulness, my dear old friend,

Yrs ever

Geo: Macleay

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