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plants will be passing the glass roof.  There is no finality in tropical plant growing.  Just now there are some charming things in flower such as Brunnera, Calluna [indecipherable] &c.  I am quite [indecipherable] you see [indecipherable] fine [indecipherable] from New Guinea.  I have a very pretty [indecipherable] too in which [indecipherable] make a magnificent show.  I have covered all the walls where ferns are not growing on rocks with peat & moss confined by wire & in these I have planted Begonias & Gesneriaceae plants which thrive in such a situation splendidly.  I grow also in this way very successfully my Bromeliads of which I am [indecipherable] a nice collection.

You might try Thwaites of [indecipherable] again I should think with your new plants of which [indecipherable] has but very few if any.  I found him a

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