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March 14

Pendell Court

My dear Friend

At last!  At last!  A box of Orchids has reached you in fair & more than fair condition from this place!  I sent for Green immediately after reading the most welcome announcement & it would have done you good to see the effect of the good news had upon the good mans face.  I can only trust the case per Whampoa maybe in equally good order.  I am glad to see that Veitch came at last to his senses & that he has treated you tolerably well since you would not expect from a man who is well known to be exigent in all his

The Honble
Sir William Macarthur

[In left margin]
if I were you & wd write direct to the [indecipherable] named Mr. Dyer and with what I wanted from him telling him what I had to send in return.  I need not say that I shall be much very much obliged to you for all you were good enough to promise to send.  My [indecipherable] above ground nicely [indecipherable].  I [indecipherable] Camden


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