Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 469

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hope to see the blossom of two plants of D. Palmeri, which [indecipherable] has [indecipherable] about 12 inches high.  I shall be glad by & bye to get the plants of Dend. bigibbum & Dend. [indecipherable], which I take it is D. Sumneri from what you say.  They are very beautiful, but I do not care for D. [indecipherable] or D. Johannis.  I have now about 420 different orchids all doing well & all likely to flower within the next 6 months, about 10 are in blossom now.  Some I have had in presents, but I have laid out in all less than £100 on Orchids.  I am putting up another house, it cost £300, 60 ft. by 20, with a tank 8 feet wide down the centre for Aquatics.  I shall then have in all upwards of 4000 sq. feet but already I begin to feel I shall want more.  I am now very busy in planting more borders & 

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