Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 445

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Naples, May 5

My dear old Friend

I mentioned in a previous letter that being here too long detained in England to admit of my [indecipherable] out my intention of [indecipherable] I had changed the vessel to Egypt.  Then accordingly I have been here the last two months, passing the time in a trip to Luxor & back.  My [indecipherable] in Egyptian Temples I found had [indecipherable] considerably, but the dolce par niente was sweet indeed & the best part was I confess

[ln left margin]

may continue, so much the better change for the peace of Europe.  Yr. exhibition after all was after a [indecipherable].  It seems to take [indecipherable] in Europe.  The fact is [indecipherable] great competition of those latter days, all countries are looking anxiously for new markets & [indecipherable] are supposed to be nations of wealth & therefore creators of great [indecipherable].  You will have [indecipherable]


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