Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 430

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[Page 430]

presently [indecipherable] oneself [indecipherable] roughly.  She is a very charming even tempered girl of a happier & more sanguine temperament than Onslows generally are & [indecipherable] a savage [indecipherable] to see her [indecipherable] my roof, that is a very clear & well informed girl too so that I am proud of her at my table.  Your Father had become [indecipherable] lately [indecipherable] as I think but it is his vocation [indecipherable] better now.  I will by the way [indecipherable] could leave these [indecipherable] definite about her battle of [indecipherable] the property this would [indecipherable] his equanimity [indecipherable] and if the report were good I wd [indecipherable] happy

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