Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 420

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[Page 420]

to which I would add more [indecipherable] & more Dryanthus.  I should like too some larger plants of Plaltyceriums Gijas, the usual Orchids and Fringed Violets.

I am sorry to say that the Clusters are about to learn his [indecipherable].  Sir A. having applied for & got the appointment of Director of Public Works in India, a very onerous & tho distinguished & very disagreeable office, I think that he has committed a great mistake - before they go, they will probably post you [indecipherable] commission when with the Colonial Botanist a few if they do not Booker will [indecipherable] by next mail to Arthur & Elizabeth of whom restoration to health.  I must not say I am delighted 

[In left margin]
I mentioned money but that should [indecipherable] the £20 as well as the £50.

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