Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 406

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yourself any more about them.  I doubt their being brought to blossom in this country.  [indecipherable] is making a [indecipherable] I think of those, but I do not think the [indecipherable] feed our enemy above ground will send old flower spikes.  Please mind them my dear Friend, your last envoi of Peach tine, keeping Elms, large [indecipherable] &c., are all alive & [indecipherable] all pushing.  The elms are already in leaf.  I went to Veitchs the day before yesterday.  Harry V. is [indecipherable] and at East town.  Had the Orchids present.  [indecipherable] all looking fairly well & most what they now call D. Superbiens making strong growths. The varieties of D. Bigibbum were in flower, one very much [indecipherable] in size & colour than the other.  I am looking 

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