Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 380

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long run send me in a [indecipherable] charged with more than [indecipherable], for tho' there had been a hurricane three days before which all but overwhelmed the [indecipherable] I had at first thought of taking my passage in and [indecipherable] gales.  A day or two [indecipherable] to my arrival.  We crossed the Bay of Biscay in what one might absurd for that region call a calm.  I cannot say I much care for Lisbon.  It is picturesque enough being built upon a most uneven surface, raizing from 20 feet above the [indecipherable] to 300, but it is all too new & all white & green like a French Boulevard.  The buildings however are far more heavy & substantial than French [indecipherable] generally, & it 

[In left margin]
Ever my dear old friend

Yr.s very affy.

Geo: Macleay​​​​​​​

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