Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 378

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[Page 378]

In [indecipherable] he will be able [indecipherable] the Head Steward all of [indecipherable] he knows of [indecipherable] of Steamers to get me [indecipherable] supplies of Orchids & Bromeliads.  If he does you shall benefit.  I have some beautiful Bromeliads in flower just now & intend to get all I can.  I have got some charming Orchids [indecipherable] in bloom & many coming on, which I shall be sorry to miss.  I shall collect Terrestrial Orchids in Portugal & S. of Spain [indecipherable] other Monocotyledons no doubt.  You will think me insatiable & that I want more & more like a [indecipherable] Twit.  So the lists already firm.  I wd. add double blossomed peaches, weeping [indecipherable] 

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