Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 346

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there is little activity in commercial matters & increasing distress of [indecipherable] persons in the main factory districts.  This inactivity is no doubt owi8ng in a great measure to national reaction, but in a very considerable degree also to the clouded horizon in the East.  Nobody knows what is coming.  Nations are shaping themselves.  A [indecipherable] way indeed, but no country wishes for it, in fact no country has the noises of war [indecipherable] England & [indecipherable] to say France.  Dizzy like a wise man is making ready, both in the matter of land & sea forms.  I learnt a few days ago that leave has been refused to all the officers of the [indecipherable] for the Summer & Autumn.  It is [indecipherable] indeed [indecipherable] that our attention on land at least will be [indecipherable] to Egypt where a [indecipherable] will be landed.  I do not look on with indifference as I have a large sum invested

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