Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 344

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the [indecipherable] gave me Stocks!  And now [indecipherable] on swamp.  You have heard already that I got your [indecipherable] all safe.  The paper I now [indecipherable] from Green will show that no great loss of time has taken place in the disposal of some of it.  He has gone to a sale again today.  The plants named in the enclosed list, we propose to send away next month in 4 cases, packed after yr. fashion.  I have recommended the next lot, or some portion of the same to be prepared & packed in Elm saw-dust & shavings [indecipherable] P. Veitch & his [indecipherable] offers.  I hope I sent you a letter I had from Hooker on the subject, if not it is mislaid, it did not amount to much [indecipherable].  He is going to send you a lot of Orchids he told me.  I am getting a good collection of Orchids myself now.  I have about 400 & have reason to believe that I shall be able to [indecipherable] the entire [indecipherable] of Green.  He shall however always beat your [indecipherable].  Moore has been sent me my plants.  I have just found Hooker's letter & enclose it.  You will have got your Tea by the time you get this letter I hope.  I will send you an account of the expenditure of yr. £50 when I have paid for the Tea.  With much affecte. remembrances of you all,

Yr. [indecipherable] most [indecipherable]

Geo: Macleay

Pendell Court,

July 7th

My dear old Friend

I am several letters in your debt and am afraid that today I shall not be able to pay a [indecipherable] of what I owe you.  

I had heard from different sources before yr. letter arrived of the death of that poor little Darling of which the less that is said now the better, for no good comes of [indecipherable] back on [indecipherable] & such sorrow.  I take it for granted that all is going on well with you now.  I was very glad to find by your last letter that you had got rain at last.  You have now probably a wet winter & so your Agricultural & Horticultural [indecipherable] will be all rectified while your 


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