Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 305

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longer time it will have been at sea.  Ley's lot too has turn out by a fluke to be in good order, so that in the whole the purchase from him was not a bad one.

Green was with me yesterday for some time.  I have arranged with him that he is to purchase, and prepare the peat here.  I hope your Ten Pounds will suffice for those frankly you mention, but there will be some expense attending the [indecipherable] from [indecipherable] & also upon the preparation.  I will buy the portion of the peat which is rejected.  I have also arranged with him for the purchase of another lot for you at Stevens, according to yr. list, to go out by the St. Osyth on its return, which will be packed here according

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