Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 304

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Pendell Court, Surrey

Sept. 29

My dear Friend

I am in receipt of your letter of the 3rd of Augt. and am not a little grieved to learn of the harmful & vexatious occurrence which had befallen you.  So by [indecipherable] this [indecipherable] you must have recovered from its effects as it was not in a region where consequences were to be apprehended.

I need not say that I was glad to hear that in the main you are well pleased with Green's Envoi on St. Osyth.  I only hope that that by the Patriarch may arrive in approximately good condition, in as good like care [indecipherable] it to be owing to the

The Honble
Sir William Macarthur, M.L.C.

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