Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 267

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June 5th

Pendell court,

My dear Friend

In the first place let me tell you that I am in receipt of your letters of Feby, Mch & April & of the two sums of £60, £120 in all which you have forwarded for the purchase of Orchids.  Green has all the lists you have sent & yesterday went to Town to commence a new series of [indecipherable] s I hope for you.  You will find the list of them enclosed, together with a list of things he bought for me.  No on second thoughts I will not send this last as I wd. only tend to impose.  Green naturally is pleased to find that on the whole you have better reason to be pleased with his contributions than with Veitchs, at those prices he smiles in his quiet way, but which makes me use naughty words.  V. no doubt thought that his [indecipherable] had given you a large [indecipherable] & that he wd. charge in such proportion as would meet what he wd call the equity of the case.  I believe all Nurserymen are great [indecipherable],

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