Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 266

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[Page 266]

many Orchids now on hand of which I enclose you a list which will be despatched by the first favourable opportunity.  They are in capital time for [indecipherable].  Should any be [indecipherable] to me [indecipherable] up the same to be represented £80 I will apply to Yates.

Mr. [indecipherable] you will have learned has gone to Calcutta to hold a seat at the Cornish Board & to superintend the Public Works, a mistake on his part I think.  He will have left word directions no doubt before he left for attention to your matters.

Ley [indecipherable] by the St. Osyth has sent on his [indecipherable] lot of Orchids to supply deficiencies by the "Coonalto" which leaves [indecipherable] this time.  I [indecipherable] as he has [indecipherable] packed [indecipherable]

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