Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 215

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me to Ellacombe, a Clergyman in [indecipherable] who tho of small means & with small garden has got the best collection of Bulbs in England.  I hope to put him in communication with you also.  Now as to what you have been good enough to send me, I got [indecipherable] two lots, & 1 [indecipherable] in very good order.  The [Spathiphyllum ?] Paulinea was dead.  Of the plants by in the previous [indecipherable] all the tree ferns are doing admirably two of the Telopea doing very well.  The Protea ]?} showing signs of life & 1 Patersonia in similar condition.  I could not trouble Hooker with questions about his lot.  No doubt he has directed Smith to tell you all about them & told him what is [indecipherable].  He is [indecipherable] worked now, what with his writing &

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