Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 141

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grieved to see that you are still suffering here and there of these [indecipherable] accursed parasites, the Rust, which in all probability has been called into such abnormal activity by the same cause which has excited the Oidium.  Both of these vegetables blights have no doubt been in existence in the Colony, but dormant since the first cereals & first vines were introduced.  Sulphur seems utterly antagonistic to the whole Fungus family.  You can of course apply it to your vineyards, but scarcely clearly not on so large a scale as to secure your wheat crops, but it would be interesting to try it as top dusting on a small scale after the rust has made its appearance, or to try the effect of bone dust treated with sulphuric acid, as a medium.  There is sulphur in the Pyrites which is present so abundantly in the soil of Camden, but I presume this is not free enough to affect the soil, and so my [indecipherable] ends containing little but inane meanderings about things I know nothing of, to a man who has 

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