Volume 58: Sir George Macleay correspondence, 1848-1880: No. 112

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we have been with him. I wish that I could indulge even a slight hope that he will find him much alive.  You will naturally think this a most shabby letter to your gloriously long letter, but I will do better next month.  We go from here to Sicily & it will be odd if I do not find something there likely to interest you, whether or no, do not you mete out to me as I measure to you, but continue like a good fellow as you did to spin the longest yarns you can.  All that you can tell me about yr. garden & vineyards has a unfailing interest for me.  Politics I can read in the papers.  In my last I asked you to give me a list of those extra plants in the Colony which were becoming naturalized & more especially those wh. threaten or are already become nefarious.  I also asked you to send me if you could procure them a few specimens of the stone "Neogos" which are occasionally dry out of the "lessions" in the Cowpastures.  These stone 

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