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Three:   Learning to campaign

Wran set the election date for the seventh of October.   I did one more quick field trip to look at the kangaroos and then started full time campaigning on the first of September.

        Tom Webster, our candidate in the adjoining seat of Wakehurst, had been running for almost a year.   His headquarters were established in a rented shop in Dee Why, euphemistically called "The Dee Why Information Centre".   Without funds, I was compelled to work from home, which at the time happened to be my Mother-in-law's house at Harbord.   The Liberals had rented premises in both Manly and Harbord.

        Douglas Darby had announced his retirement after thirty three years in Parliament:   the Liberals had preselected George Ashley, a tall grey haired insurance consultant, as their candidate for Manly.   He was a prominent member of Rotary and of the Manly Diggers Swimming Club.

        Frank Harvery wrote a press release to announce my candidacy, giving biographical details.   This was posted to the editor of  The  Manly  Daily  who duly printed the facts:


Mr. Alan Stewart, 40 a biologist, of Harbord has been endorsed as the ALP candidate for  


Current Status: