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reassurance about continued permission to beg outside city railway stations. We were suspicious of his afflictions because he handled an interview with ease: he gazed across the desk at me; told me that Darby had always looked after him; heard me say that I would refer his case to Peter Cox; and found his way out of the office unaided.  

Nevertheless, to give him the benefit of the doubt, I made a favourable recommendation to the minister; and the enterprising mendicant was given official permission to continuing using his cherished locations.  

An elderly dandy, with tinted hair, Eau de Cologne and a cravat, wanted advice on getting recompense from his ex-wife. Apparently he had spent a large sum wooing her and bringing her out from central Europe to be his bride. But after only a few months of marriage this ungrateful woman had left him penniless and sued for divorce.  

Donna made some discreet enquiries and reported (with some glee) that the marriage had been annuled because of the husband's failure to consummate it.The woman (who was thirty years younger than her erstwhile swain) had returned to Europe. I had to tell this irate constituent that I could not help him get his money back.  

A woman complained about topless girls on the


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