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Unenforceable laws can lead to corruption. The Wran  Government had taken the first steps towards reforming the law on prostitution, an age old problem which previous governments had chosen to ignore. The strategy was to shift the blame from the unfortunate women (and some men) who sold their bodies; and to try to control their exploiters--the pimps, madams, standover men and crooked cops. Hence, prostitution per se had been made legal, but there were still penalties for living off the earnings of prostutues, and for using the premises advertised as "massage parlours" for prostitution.

The laaw was commonly flouted. The proliferation of massage parlours which advertised in the classified section of the Manly Daily  , indicated the business was flourishing locally, as well as in the traditional "red light" areas on the south side of the Harbour. Of course, the local conservatives did not like to admit that there were rumours that some of them had profitable enterprised which were based on vice.

My attention was drawn to these maters by a phone call from a gentleman who inntroduced hinself as: "Graham Stolz, Private Investigator". His speech sounded like a poor impersonation of Humhrey Bogart. He was asking for help on behalf of "his lady", who operated the "Green Cottage" opposite Brookvale Oval in Pittwater Road. This lady employed three girls, who

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