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fire questiosn at me. I started with a preamble which listed the major achievements of my two terms as the local member: the handover of the Quarantine Station; the new ferries; improvements to the schools; extensions to the Techinical College; the primary treatment works for sewage; major road improvements; establishment of an area health service; the updating of Manly Hospital; more buses...

It was a long list. I stopped short of adding up the cost of all the items, but the total would have approached $100 million. The ferry service alone had received $35 Million; and the expenditure on the sewage outfall had passed $50 million.(How much more do they expect?... I wondered to myself.)

As their local member, I had tried to be accessible. I believed that public officials should make themselves available to answer questions about their policy on various issues. That was why I was there in the amphitheatre. It was unfortunate that Mr Hay considered that he had more important business elsewhere. Hay's campaign manager was standing in the crowd. Over the microphone, I asked him to come forward and speak on behalf of the Liberal candidate. He shook his head. The most difficult questions came from some of my own people.

After the Corso meeting, we adjourned for lunch to

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