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a meeting of senior citizens at The Master Builders Club.   They seemed a little surprised to see us but we were asked to make speeches.   Walker described the Wran Government's commitment to caring for the needy people.   I followed in a similar vein, although I did not have as many facts at my finger tips.   As I sat down, I determined to do more reading of the Party Platform on welfare policy.

        Walker dropped me off at home and set off on the long drive across the city to his own electorate.   It had been a long, hectic day, full of novel situations for me.

        I was very tired, but I was pleased with our performance.    Despite the lack of organisation, the visit had gone smoothly, with many valuable contacts made.   Walker's advice on the run had given me new insights into the technique of campaigning and his enthusiasm was infectious.   Politics seemed worthwhile and even enjoyable.   I look forward to Landa's visit on the morrow.

        As instructed by Landa's staff, we had submitted a copy of the itinerary and the minister's photo to the  Manly  Daily.   Somewhat to our surprise, the printed a favourable story, with the photo, in a prominent position.

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