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understand each other better; and that I hoped that one day we would achieve peace.

      The audience listened politely and applauded when had I finished.   They seemed just as impressed by my platitudes as by the call to arms from the others.   The formalities ended with Mrs Darby playing God Save the Queen and the Nationalist Chinese anthem on the piano. with her husband leading the singing.

      As we left the dias Mrs Darby thanked me warmly for my contribution and said that supper would be served in a room upstairs.   She was very anxious that we sample the splendid fare that was laid on

        Not wishing to push my luck, I thought it prudent to withdraw before I was engaged in too much close conversation--some strange looking people were now crowding around.   We apologised for leaving early, explaining that we really had to go.   We had promised to call in to another function (actually a gambling night which had been organised by a nearby branch of the ALP).

        We thanked our hosts and departed from the House of Darby; through the marble hall, down the gravel path, past the dark shadows, to the safety of suburban Australia.

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