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I walked alone back towards Parliament house. A newspaper poster in Matin Place caught my eye:


The Allen case was an inquiry into allegations of corruption involving the deputy police commisioner Bill Allen. It seemed that somebody in parliament was in trouble.

In the Parliamentary Library, I scanned the pages of the  Mirror. There was the usual busty bikini girl on page three. The corruption story was on page five, and a piece about Peter Stewart on page seven.

The Allen Case story was a shock:

"Two Labor politicians were at a dinner where suspended deputy police commissioner Mr Bill Allen allegedly passed $500 to a licensing sergeant, the Police Tribunal heard today.

"Senator Kerry Sibraa and Mr Alan Stewart were said to have been close by when the money changed hands...

"Giving evidence today, Sgt Molloy said Mr Sibraa and Mr Stewart were speaking with himself and Mr Allen before the payment was made.

"He said both politicians were close by when Mr Allen handed him the plain envelope."

I remembered the function. It had been during the height of the campaign against Meers. I had been called away from the electorate to represent the Premier at

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