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Most commentators prediccted another Wranslide.  

As he had promised, the Premier had taken a large part in personally opposing Meers, who openly hinted that he might be the next Liberal leader. Wran's interest in defeating Meers gave the Manly contest added flavour to the media in an otherwise rather dull campaign. In searching for stories, the press gallery found few vital issues and began to concentrate on the politics of personality.

On the local scene, it was impossible for residents to escape from the political extravaganza. A University poll showed that by September an amazing 94% of the voters recognized Meers as the Liberal candidate. On the other hand, my recognition factor had also rocketed, to an almost as amazing 81%.

To know of a politician, however, is not necessarily to love him. The same poll indicated that 42% of the voters who knew of Meers thought he would be a good MP, but 40% thought he would not be a good MP, and 18% were unsure about him. Of those who knew of Stewart, 62% were satisfied with him as their MP, 12% were not satisfied, and 26% were unsure. We were cheered by the voting intention of the sample, which gave me a 6% lead over Meers.  

The ABC Public Affairs Department had decided to do an in-depth television program on the Manly contest. This would involve interviews with Meers and myself,

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