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suggest specific ways of improving the Government's performance for Manly, and to be careful to promote state-wide issues which were popular in the electorate.

The Policy Commitee was still active. It suggested that I should push my experience as a two-term member who had delivered substantial benefits to the Electorate. If re-elected, I could continue to eliver. The Cargo Cult must be satisfied. No opposition member could gain access the Government sources of the "goodies", which had been so abundantly handed down to me as the peoples' representative. According to the brief drafted by my advisers, my image as the local MP should reflect a certain personality:

"He will be pushy when he was to be; a bit nosey in standing up for Manly, and will continue to persevere when Manly interests are at stake."

John Morrison prepared a paper on strategy:

"Towards 1984 -- some marketing considerations."

He began by making some key assumptions; that Meers would not run again, the Liberals would select a local, campaigning would begin very early, and that the Wran Government would enjoy three successful years. Then he went on to propose an agenda that covered various phases of marketing which would sustain my impact on the Electorate over this period.

The assumption about the Wran Government was the

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