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waves. The wind whipped spray into our faces.

Heavy breakers pounded into the Manly Cove as the new ferry tried to dock. I had never seen conditions like this at the wharf. The big swell tossed us about and a mooring line snapped. It was too rough to lower the hydraulic ramp. The crowd of people on the wharf had to scramble over a hearing gangplank to get aboard. The speeches were delayed until we returned to a more sheltered part of the harbour. "Queenscliff" hove to in calmer waters off Bradleys Head while a brief commissioning ceremony was conducted.

Then we sailed on, back towards the distant towers of the city. The Jazz band played dixieland. Perhaps we were a ship of fools, on a voyage into the unknown, but at least we could sometimes enjoy the entertainment.  

In October, there was another remarkable turnaround in Liberal preselection for Manly. Pat Daley, who had been so convinvingly endorsed to carry the Liberal banner against me, suddenly announced that he was withdrawing for "personal reasons". Perhaps he had been visited by the ghost of Sir Robert Askin. A new preselection ballot was conducted and David Hay easily defeated seven other candidates.

The Daily carried an enthusiastic headline:


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