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solid structures actually encouraged erosion.   We could not hold back the sea, so, like King Canute, we would have to live with it.

        As at Manly, the surf pavilion had been assembled by the waves, although its more conventional brick structure was in a better state.   the Chief Town Planner of Warringah told us that the Council had the intention of building a new pavilion.   Landa wanted to know where.   The assembled officials did not konw:   the engineer responsible for this area could tel the Minister but unfortunately he had not yet arrived.

        "I'm not going to wait around here for him," fumed Landa.   There was an embarrassed silence for a few moments, only to be broken by the arrival of the hapless district engineer, who rushed from his car carrying a bundle of plans.   The minister carefully examined the plans, which showed a large building to be sited immediately adjacent to the existing pavilion, righ ton top of the reconstructed frontal dune.

        "That's no good," Landa declared, "The building must be behind the dune."

        "Well, perhaps it could be moved back to here," said the Chief Planner, indicating a spot at our feet.

        "No way," retorted Landa, "it must go back there." He pointed to a sight a hundred metres further back.

         That ended the discussion.   We shook hands with the chastened officials and departed for lunch.

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