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to many Manly people about the issue:

        "They don't want casinos.   The social and moral consequences frighten them.   Manly is not a tinsel and glass holiday resort."

        Both these stories were "beat ups" but there was no time to refute them.   The election was upon us.

        In the last week the day had to be stretched to allow for early morning pamphlet handouts at Manly wharf  and late night letter boxing of how-to-votes.   I kept up the door knocking and tried to help with organising personnel and materiel for the big day.

      Help was now starting to come from all directions.   Wellwishers rang up, sent notes or just accosted me in the street.   A few prominent buisness men assured me of their support.   Ordinary people gave money or volunteered their hands and feet.   Sitting M.P.s in safe seats sent encouragement, advice, and several generous donations.

        Although we could still not match the Liberals, our improved funding situation allowed us to pay for extra ads and pamphlets.   Hence there were frantic efforts to book more space in the Daily, to make new arrangements with printers, to draft new messages to the voters, and to deliver copy by critical deadlines.

         A mass of paper propaganda was targeted on the the electorate;   Dropped into letterboxes, pushed under  

Current Status: